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Amy is a passionate and versatile narrator, with one award winning historical fiction and two romance series (published under a pseudonym) - to her credit. Although she adores literary fiction, romance and YA fantasy, she also has a real soft spot for classic literature, poetry and children's lit. Ultimately, she just loves good storytelling and the opportunity to do interesting and challenging characters and voices. She is open to almost any genre.


Amazon Customer: "An important read/listen!"

Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2022


“As the child of two Holocaust survivors who has read and listened to many books on the subject, I can honestly say that this is one of my favorites. Sophie is wise beyond her years, and through her, David Michael Slater gives us insight into a world of atrocities otherwise beyond our comprehension. Yet through her and Giddy, we learn that resilience, hope, and friendship can endure even the worst circumstances humanity offers. This story is beautifully narrated by Amy Ann Weideman, who gives the characters great depth and truly makes them come to life. The Vanishing is an important read/listen. It is a sadly painful, yet beautiful narrative by which we learn lessons that must never be forgotten.”

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Amy is the narrator of the award winning historical fiction – The Vanishing, by the acclaimed author David Michael Slater (Library Tales Publishing 2022). She has also narrated and produced two romance audio-book series under a pseudonym for two other American authors.

With a richly diverse background as a secondary school English teacher, musician, seasonal tour-guide, translator and interpreter, Amy entered the world of audio-book narration after doing an online voice-over course during Italy’s first big pandemic lockdown.


Little did she realize, she had already begun this new career path in the pre-pandemic years when she did several descriptive narrations for local museums and tourist attractions, collaborating with professional recording studios in the town of Matera, the place she has called home for several years now.


As a lover of literature and storytelling, and after a life-long passion for singing and writing (mostly songs, poetry, ballads and fairytales), the transition into audio-book narration was a natural one. “It felt like I was finally HOME”.

Originally from Ann Arbor -Michigan, she lives in Matera with her son Francesco and their rescue dog Benny (as in, he rescued them!) In her free time she loves quiet walks in nature, playing music, reading, listening to audiobooks and writing. Oh, and of course - red wine and DARK chocolate.


As a writer, she has published one (bilingual) work – Se I Sassi Potessero Raccontare – If Stones Could Tell – and is working on getting her second book (a poetic fairytale about the climate crisis) published (hopefully) soon!



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